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welcome to my portfolio, a collection of me. My favorite prototypes, community projects, and pictures are on here for you to explore. This is my playground, so watch me play.

/about me/

I'm a kid whose a creator, a "try-hard," someone who goes to deep in the minutiae of the facts, the rhetoric of language, and loves his backpack and bike. I like glitches and loud colors. I fill negative space, and like to write in all caps. I recycle my words/phrases and do my research with my mouth open.


3D design and rapid prototyping, injury assessment and treatment, UI/UX, effective communication, fast learning, passionate and active leadership, speech writing and research, critical thinking in dire situations


/languages and tools/

english, gujrathi, myrathi 

python, c++, java script, AIML, PML  

fusion 360, autocad, photoshop, illustrator

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